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• Nature and bringing the outdoors in. It gives spaces a sense of warmth and well-being

• The little details, thoughtfully designed, that add a seemingly endless sense of discovery to a space

• Authenticity more than "what's in" or what other people are doing

• A little bit of rock n' roll edge, to shake things up and keep it interesting

• Spaces that truly reflect the people that live in them

DID YOU KNOW? We also value the environment. That's why $50 of every consultation - turned - project goes toward Protect Our Winters, a non-profit group working to fight climate change.  


Stacey Martin is

The Freshmaker. 

I grew up in Vermont, surrounded by mountains, lakes, and forests. Dad played in a band and hard-wired speakers in every room of the house, so music was always dancing through the air. Winters were spent on the slopes and summers on top of green mountains.


In the words of the great Jimmy Page, 

"You absorb so much from whatever  your environment is, as an artist, and you learn to take from it what can help you create."
For me it is nature and music, and the essence of those two things permeate the design language I use to this day. 


Before beginning a career in Interior Design, I created apparel and forecasted trends for action sports brands. Snow, surf, and skate styles are inherently irreverent, fun, and left-of-center, and my personal style has retained a bit of those elements to this day. My start in fashion gives me a unique perspective when it comes to combining color, materials, and accessories, and translating them into a tangible and interesting form of self-expression. A material variation, an unexpected color combination, or a small accessory detail all have the power to turn the ordinary into the unexpected, and I apply that thinking to all the spaces I create. 

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